Monday, October 26, 2009

Green Girl Advice: Halloween Costume Drama

Halloween--a night where you can be virtually anyone you want to be. But let’s face it: most of us end up dressing just like the others.

Case in point:
My 23-year-old cousin is not one to follow the crowd. She’s a hairdresser with a cool style and a confident swagger (yea I said it). Last year she attended a Halloween party with her boyfriend, and she dressed as Charlie Chaplin, moustache and all.

When she walked into the party, her excitement over her costume turned to shear embarrassment. Every girl at the party was wearing one of those sexy costumes; you know, the mini, oh-so-revealing versions of regular Halloween costumes.

So instead of enjoying herself at this Monster Mash Bash, she spent the whole time dodging glares and hanging out in the corner by herself.

This year, she’s decided to forgo her creativity to dress just like the other girls. That way, she says, she’ll “avoid another mortifying experience.”

Here’s another example. You’ll remember this scene from the movie Mean Girls:
I remember being very stressed out over Halloween costume shopping during my teen years. One year, I wanted to be this version of Alice In Wonderland. But my friends pressured me into buying this costume.

To this day, that Alice in Wonderland outfit is still in its package, tucked into the bottom, far part of my dresser drawer. I never wore the outfit! And I missed out on Halloween with my friends simply because I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a sexy costume. I didn’t even consider that maybe I could just wear something else, something I’d feel more comfortable in.

Here’s what I’m trying to say: be whoever/whatever you want to be this Halloween (that’s the whole point of it anyway!). Don’t let your friends or your favorite fashion magazines tell you what to wear! You have to feel comfortable in your costume, whether it’s a sexy Arabian-girl two-piece OR a hefty, multi-layered Santa Claus Suit.
Get Green Girl wants to know:
Girls, do you ever feel pressured to dress a certain way during Halloween? Have you ever chosen a costume for the mere purpose of fitting in? Tell us your story!

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