Friday, October 30, 2009

Green Girl Advice: Do Halloween Green!

Want to celebrate Halloween the Green Girl way? It’s simple!

Here are our fabulous tips for celebrating a happy and eco-friendly Halloween:
- Purchase organic, earth-friendly treats to pass out to trick-or-treaters.
- Make a homemade costume out of outfits and materials you already own.
- Purchasing a store-bought costume? Don’t feel the pressure to dress the way your friends want you to dress; don’t follow the crowd. Instead, be whoever you want to be and dress however you want to dress—that’s the whole point of Halloween anyway! (see our previous post on Halloween Costume Drama)
- Leaving the house for the night? Turn off all the lights and unplug your electrics.
- Use a reusable bag or container for trick-or-treating. Skip the plastic bags—they end up in a landfill after you use them, and pollute the earth.
- Carve a pumpkin. Then, use the seeds and innards to make delicious pumpkin dishes.
- Create a spooky atmosphere for your visitors with earth-friendly candles. Try all-natural soy candles.
- Throw a green Halloween party!

Get Green Girl wants to know:
How do you celebrate Halloween green? Share your stories and tips!

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